A short quick personalised learning activity for each day.

build a habit of short, non-interruptive, continous learning by embedding learning as part of a daily routine which is central to fostering a learning culture. AI-powered algorithmic learning suggests what you need to know based on current and forecasted projects. It automates time-spaced repetition and topic interleaving for optimal 'real-world' recall, knowledge fluency and lifelong learning. Skills and knowledge from pervious and historic courses are kept current ensuring accurate staff capabilities

Time, scope and priority are configured for the user. Bespoke algorithms access the selected knowledge repsoitories (including content from all the guerrilla learning engines) to present short, personalised learning and information to the user. A dashboard highlights performance and ability in all areas

individuals, teams, L&D professionals, business groups

Benefits for users:
Increased knowledge fluency and recall – beat forgetting curves with automatic interleaving for real-world competence Access to relevant learning micro-content in the time of need

Benefits for customers:

  • Increased knowledge transfer, recall, fluency = better learning, removes hidden cost of learning
  • Creates learning culture - upskills into how to learn, removes burden from learners and reduces hidden cost of learning
  • Know current team skill levels and knowledge – don’t assume that as course completed they are still competent and up to date. Sl6 interleaves all learning history
  • Reduced project failure, identify best talents for projects
  • Daily introduce corporate values and ethics and behaviours
  • Integrated with all the Guerrilla Learning engines to take a holistic view of learning to drive productivity and growth