storyboarding tool to frame short speeches and presentations to keep them interesting, motivating and focussed

Combining established storytelling frameworks used by Hollywood scriptwriters and advertising agencies with the principles of Motivational Pace creates the short presentations that engage the audience, get your message across and inspire action. We can stop you having to listen to boring presentations.

User selects the presentation type, audience and time available. Templates are automatically created to guide the presentation including the motivational design to maximise the audience engagement

individuals, teams

Benefits for users:
Improved communciations and results. Increased staff satisfaction by reducing boring monologues and increasing staff confidence and skills so they feel thay can share and tell experiences in an interesting and engaging way Fast time to development

Benefits for customers:

  • Increased knowledge transfer, understanding and fluency.
  • Creates a culture of learning and sharing with the skills, framework and guidance to make all staff sound interesting and enagaging
  • Automated templates and framework increases speed of development, freeing up more time
  • improves communication, knowledge sharing and breaks down organisational silos.
  • Content reinvigorates communities and chat groups.