Guerrilla Learning uses low-cost unconventional techniques to achieve incredible results, dramatically out-performing standard formal approaches to workplace learning and performance support.
We aim to disrupt the learning and development industry by democratising the creative tools to build swarm and viral-learning micro-content. We want to move the industry away from out-of-context, one-off ineffective information-dump learning events that are organised around a Learning Management System and Learning Record Store to one where learning material is embedded as part of the business and delivered, without disruption, into the flow of work.

The Learning and Development Industry is worth $367 billion and expected to reach $402 billion by 2025, with a growth rate of 2-3% CAGR.
The fastest growing areas are:

  • Personalised (or algorithmic) learning where the learning content is tailored to each learner based on their profile.
  • Enhanced Reality (AR/VR and Metaverse) where the learning content is embedded in a learner's experience of the world.
  • chatbots, tutorbots where the learning content is delivered through a more natural conversational interface

The potential of these areas is limited by the learning content that feeds them. At present, the content is either specially created for one-off use-cases and trials or it is the same old-traditional content broken down into smaller chunks.
The first approach is too expensive and timeconsuming to scale, the second approach is ineffective. The Guerrilla Learning AI engines offer an alternative approach automating the learning content creation of high quality swarm, micro-content for these fast growing learning environments and also breathing life back into established learning channels and communities.

If you would like to know more and potentially get involved in shaping the future of workplace learning, then contact us as soon as possible