Like Guerrilla Marketing and Guerrilla Warfare,


uses low-cost unconventional techniques to achieve incredible results,
dramatically out-performing standard formal approaches to workplace learning and performance support.

In a fast-moving and unpredictable world, our AI-powered toolset dramatically reduces the time and cost to competence, whilst increasing knowledge fluency enabling growth in challenging times. Standard Learning and Development approaches of content libraries, or skills-gap analaysis and assigning learning paths and journeys are expensive, slow, interupt real work and are often out of date by the time they are completed.

Guerrilla Learning is different. We give simple and effective tools to your team to enable informal learning and foster personal responsibilty for growth. Combining the latest cognitive, psychological and educational research with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, our intuitive toolset builds a real learning culture, breaks down silos, making a company more resilient and productive in difficult times.

These Guerrilla Learning engines were developed to scale and automate our expertise and experience of running Guerrilla Learning campaigns. You do not need these engines to run successful Guerrilla Learning campaigns, they just make it easier. The orignial Guerrilla Learning techniques used in our campaigns are available for free and detailed on the consultancy tab. Before considering any of these AI-engines, we recommend that you try some of the techniques first and at zero-cost. The Guerrilla Learning AI engines allow you to scale and automate many of the elements, but they are based on these proven techniques.

There are 8 Guerrilla Learning engines:


What: Instant AI-generated effective micro-learning content from any video or text document – optimised for engagement to increase recall, fluency and remove hidden cost of learning.

Why: Learning is an active, not passive process - you need to engage with the content. We render the content so that it is easily absoprbed in the flow of work, links to key concepts and prior knowledge so it is easier to remember and recall and creates knowledge fluency so that content will influence future behaviours.



What: Create and map Knowledge flows within an organisation to increase productivity, innovation, break down silos and improve business intelligence. Builds, benchmarks and monitors a learning culture in near-real time.

Why: A Learning Culture is more effective than a Learning Strategy. You cannot build a learning culture based on courses and monitored by an annual staff satisfaction survey.


the one thing

What: a tool for capturing, keeping and sharing corporate wisdom. Record lessons learnt from project successes and failures and exit interviews. Using AI, video or audio recordings are automatically summarised and indexed by keywords and themes making them searchable, accessible and useful.

Why: Wisdom tops the knowledge hierarchy making it more valuable than data or information but is often overlooked. Lessons learnt exercises are incredibly useful but rarely done, and if done, then that knowledge is rarely shared and so it dies. We change that. Organisational experiences and wisdom drive a learning culture and a culture of success. Why go to the expense of training your staff and then not allow them to share their real world experiences and application of that knowledge?


high five

What: A reward engine to encourage self-generated performance support material. Content creators are incentivised to create good resources, which are tracked by downloads and rewarded by shopping vouchers or charitable donations.

Why: Generic learning librares and courses lack the knowledge fluency, context and application to real work and current projects to make a difference in behaviours, attitudes or skills. Getting the team closest to current work challenges to delevelop learning/performance support material is more powerful as it is faster, more appropriate and useful. Teams aren't incentivised to produce this material, and if any exists, it is often out of date or of sub-optimal quality. We can change that bringing a reward-based marketplace to the creation and distribution of job aids.



What: a personal and lifelong cloud-based notebook for recording any learning notes from courses or classes. The notebook stores courses taken, certificates and credentials and can be used for validation.

Why: Any notes taken during courses are often lost, hard to find or not referred back to. This introduces a hidden cost to learning, taking time for information to be searched and retrieved. Centralising notetaking in the cloud makes them easily accessible and transferable to new roles throughout your career. It allows quick review and crediential validation encouraging career progression



What: A short quick personalised learning activity for each day.

Why: The builds a habit of learning and embedding learning as part of a daily routine which is central to fostering a learning culture. AI-powered algorithmic learning suggests what you need to know based on current and forecasted projects. It automates time-spaced repetition and topic interleaving for optimal 'real-world' recall, knowledge fluency and lifelong learning. Skills and knowledge from pervious and historic courses are kept current ensuring accurate staff capabilities


free market

What: brokerage servce to engage low-cost, low-risk, high-speed freelanceers and contractors

Why: Large corporations with their bulky payment and invoicing systems are unable to utilise freelancers missing out on the wealth of creativity, ideas and innovative approaches. Accessing this flexible, low-cost, low-risk worfkforce reduces costs and encourages creativity and innovation and trying things out. It brings in fresh talent and ideas. How would you go about producing a one-page cartoon drawn to summarise a process or system flow? We enable that, connecting you to freelancers who we engage on your behalf.



What: storyboarding tool to frame short speeches and presentations to keep them interesting, motivating and focussed

Why: Combining established storytelling frameworks used by Hollywood scriptwriters and advertising agencies with the principles of Motivational Pace creates the short presentations that engage the audience, get your message across and inspire action. We can stop you having to listen to boring presentations.