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A reward engine to encourage self-generated performance support material. Content creators are incentivised to create good resources, which are tracked by downloads and rewarded by shopping vouchers or charitable donations.

Generic learning librares and courses lack the knowledge fluency, context and application to real work and current projects to make a difference in behaviours, attitudes or skills. Getting the team closest to current work challenges to delevelop learning/performance support material is more powerful as it is faster, more appropriate and useful. Teams aren't incentivised to produce this material, and if any exists, it is often out of date or of sub-optimal quality. We can change that bringing a reward-based marketplace to the creation and distribution of job aids.

Upload and index performance-support material and job-aids allowing them to be searchable and distributed. Access to material is recorded in a pusedo-blockchain, allowing the creators to be rewarded through online shopping vouchers or charitable donations

individuals, teams, L&D professionals, business groups

Benefits for users:
Incentivised and rewarded for capturing and improving workflows and role-based activities. Increased motivation & retention as can see impact of their work. Increased productivity as common standards adopted

Benefits for customers:

  • Capture workflows, knowledge and workarounds
  • Build task-based descriptions for each job role ready for streamlining, automation and enhanced performance through VR/AR and metaverse applications
  • Increased productivity -- standardised procedures, encouraging incremental improvements
  • Fast time to competence, faster staff onboarding
  • Increased staff motivation and community service through charitable donations
  • Identify mentors/change management champions