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brokerage servce to engage low-cost, low-risk, high-speed freelanceers and contractors

Large corporations with their bulky payment and invoicing systems are unable to utilise freelancers missing out on the wealth of creativity, ideas and innovative approaches. Accessing this flexible, low-cost, low-risk worfkforce reduces costs and encourages creativity and innovation and trying things out. It brings in fresh talent and ideas. How would you go about producing a one-page cartoon drawn to summarise a process or system flow? We enable that, connecting you to freelancers who we engage on your behalf.

Enter your requirements, budget and timescale into our portal to access millions of freelancers who will bid for your work. View their portfolios of previous work, then engage them.

teams, L&D professionals, business groups

Benefits for users:
Access to Fast, low-cost, creative solutions for one-off projects, Introduce new ideas, utilise the creativity and imagination of millions - without risk or overhead Free-up time to do higher value work

Benefits for customers:

  • Access millions of freelancers to utilise their skills, innovation, creativity and cultures - without the bureaucracy and administration of hiring or setting up new payees
  • Access to Personalised micro-learning content creation that’s relevant and useful and not-generic – so more useful
  • Low cost, low risk, high quality -- protected by our bulk-buying service and platform Allows experimentation, creates more options and fosters creativity and innovation and seeds new ways of working and communicating. Imaginitive and creative content reinvigorates communities and chat groups building a vibrant learning culture
  • Access skills not available inhouse