a personal and lifelong cloud-based notebook for recording any learning notes from courses or classes. The notebook stores courses taken, certificates and credentials and can be used for validation.

Any notes taken during courses are often lost, hard to find or not referred back to. This introduces a hidden cost to learning, taking time for information to be searched and retrieved. Centralising notetaking in the cloud makes them easily accessible and transferable to new roles throughout your career. It allows quick review and crediential validation encouraging career progression

Imagine a blank canvas that would can write or paste any notes on. Store your certifications alongside the notes detailing the awarding body to enable a credential verification script that can be added to CVs, websites or potential employers


Benefits for users:
Increased knowledge fluency and retention – you can look up notes quickly, reduices time to search for information - a big hidden cost of learning ,Improved organisation – keep all learning notes in one place, improved career development - easy to prove credentials and brush up on knowledge before interviews

Benefits for customers:

  • Increased knowledge transfer, understanding and fluency.
  • Reduce the time looking up information, reducing the hidden cost of learning.
  • Reduce cost and risk of recruitment through the credential verifiction service
  • One-stop software, reduced software management for credential validation
  • Anonymised notes contribute to AI-generated micro-learning content reducing the cost and time for producing learning content for chatrooms, in-the-flow-of-work apps, AR/VR and metaverse applications