the one thing

a tool for capturing, keeping and sharing corporate wisdom. Record lessons learnt from project successes,failures and exit interviews. Using AI, video, audio or text recordings are automatically summarised and indexed by keywords and themes making them searchable, accessible and useful.

Wisdom tops the knowledge hierarchy making it more valuable than data or information but is often overlooked. Lessons learnt exercises are incredibly useful but rarely done, and if done, then that knowledge is rarely shared and so it dies. We change that. Organisational experiences and wisdom drive a learning culture and a culture of success. Why go to the expense of training your staff and then not allow them to share their real world experiences and application of that knowledge?

Record a short video, audio or text describing your experiences (which can be kept short and focussed and engaging with the motiv8 engine). Automatically AI then summarises the experience, identifies key themes and words making them easily searchable or available (to the sl6 engine which could promote them to other team members when they face similar challenges)

individuals, teams, L&D professionals, business groups

Benefits for users:
increased staff satisfaction, retention and performance. Staff feel valued, supported and recognised and part of a high-performing, learning, organisational culture

Benefits for customers:

  • Increased knowledge, wisdom and experience retention and distribution to those that need it, when they need it.
  • Increased growth -- Share the secrets of success, reduce rate of failure by shairing experiences
  • Builds a high-performing, learning culture, learning from failures and repeating successes.
  • Automates lessons learned interviews
  • Automates exit interviews
  • Reduced Project Management costs and over-runs
  • One-stop software, integrated to learning platform and sl6 engine